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About Ramučiai Cultural Center


About Ramučiai Cultural Center
Here goes a public celebration, concerts, calendar festivals, contests, afternoons, evenings, art amateur concert tours, folk artists and community residents’ exhibitions, Karmėlava’s Balys Buračas high school graduates events, anniversary events, Christmas and Easter craft hours.

Ramučiai Cultural Center vision:
Democratic learning, mastered modern technology organization. Competent, focused, efficient working and high-quality service agency. A dynamic, independent institution.

Ramučiai Cultural Center’s mission:
Cultural center provides states; municipalities delegated functions and cultural priorities. Investigates, analyzes and evaluates cultural and recreational needs of self-performance, other conditions. Provides high quality educational and qualification, aims to support and effective results to meet the cultural needs of Karmėlava’s neighborhood.

Traditional Events
Lithuanian Independence Day Celebration – Concert (February 16th).

Mardi Gras.
March 11th concert.
Mother’s Day celebration.
Celebration of Children’s Day, “We – children of the land”
Midsummer Festival, June 24th.
Afternoon “Mine Lithuania” Lithuanian King Mindaugas Coronation Day, July 6th.
Assumption, August 15th.
Country band competitions “Play and sing”.

Celebration to honor the elderly.
Christmas tree festival of kindling.
Christmas concert in the community.

Adress: Centrinė street. 26C, Ramučiai.,
LT-54464 Kauno distric.
Phone.: +370 699 28414
E. mail: info@ramuciukc.lt